MyVite Inc.

Development Schedule

Schedule  Complete  Requestor  Description 

100% dave "Add to Outlook" functionality
100% dave Get ToDo list working
100% dave example (frames example)
100% dave Database conversion
100% dave Code rewrite/cleanup
100% both Per-client configuration (based off subdomain)
100% marketing Header/Footer functionality
100% both Theming for start page (empty request)
100% both Cleanup form field names
100% dave Popup help windows for each form field
100% dave Client file editing page
100% both Active/deactive state for clients (no invite creation for deactivated clients)

Priority: High
Schedule  Complete  Requestor  Description 

12/17 0% dave Add new client page
12/18 50% dave Global admin page (list/add/edit/..) page
12/18 85% dave Client config editor page
postdev 0% dave Full feature verification

Priority: Medium
Schedule  Complete  Requestor  Description 

12/17 25% both Complete client config for controlling myvite behavior (don't forget to add paypal address field)
? 0% dave Client's access to invites (such as email lists, editing power, ..) - might require login/cookies to be done first
? 0% marketing image upload/control
? 0% marketing Fully configurable email messages

Priority: Low
Schedule  Complete  Requestor  Description 

12/18 0% dave Popup docs for admin page
postdev 0% both Documentation
postdev 0% both Static pages [owner: marketing]
? 0% dave Make sure default and static pages are w3c compliant
- 0% marketing Alert client on new event
- 0% marketing config options: time offset, modifiable location, create button, anonymous event viewers,..
- 0% marketing rebook event
? 0% dave Breakup name database for speed/manageability? (perhaps by client, or maybe by first letter?)

Under Consideration
Schedule  Complete  Requestor  Description 

future dave Login page/cookies (for clients)
future dave Login page/cookies (for users)
future both Theming for all other pages (except start/invite which are already done)
future dave Automated billing/activation/deactivation
future marketing event archiving (deletion??)
futuer dave Client file deletion from config page? Is this a good idea?

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